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Away tournament            
Hiddenbrooke Aug 26
Just days after the Great North American Eclipse of 2017 people were wishing the
moon had come back for an encore. It was a day that set heat records in some areas
and was certainly hot in Vallejo. The bar started lining up ice water in anticipation of
those finishing the late day.
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-28  Max Rodriguez, George Dwyer, Theresa Fernandez, Danielle Fernandez
-26  Dusty Justice, Ken Justice, Russell Martin, Daren Vuong
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Sept 9
It was a nice day...unfortunately, the course was again scortched by the 100 degree+
temps we had over the Labor Day weekend. We played two-person scramble. Scores
were varied but top results in each group were pretty close.
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-13  Men A: Andy Wilson, Cory Troxclair    -5  Coed: Pamela Smith, J D Smith
-10  Men B: Paul Llewellyn, Pete OBrien
Away tournament            
Monterey Pines Sept 23
It wasn't a big turnout, but it sure was a load of fun. How bout those fighter jets that
took off right over our heads and shot out to sea so fast car alarms went off. We
played best net ball using 1 on par fives, 2 on fours and 3 on par threes.
All Scores
113  Dave Lemert, Andrea Stewart, Vikram Pamarthi, Greg Burke
117  Ron Utley, Pam Utley, Cory Troxclair, Mickey Morgan
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Oct 14
We have a new Club Champion. In fact, we have a few first-time winners. It was
Phil Murray with a 72 that won the gross score 2017 Club Championship.
Shawn Lane won the women's net by 4 strokes and Bret Owens had one of the best
net scores ever to win the Men's net.
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72  Gross: Phil Murray
54  Men Net: Brett Owens      57 Women Net: Shawn Lane
Away tournament            
Dublin Ranch Oct 28
We played Blind Draw two-person teams, net scores. It was a different Dublin Ranch
than we are used to playing in the early spring. The greens were much slower than
usual, especially for this time of year. And while we played the ball down, lies were
less than desirable if you left the fairway.
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117 Pam Smith, Edward Boyea Jr
121 Don Chang, Guy Moy    124 J D Smith, Geoff Sherman
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Nov 11
We played two-person team scramble matches so half the field won. Also everyone
won a raffle prize and feasted on pizza included with the entry fee. We enjoyed a
lucky break between rainy weather.
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Away tournament            
Poppy Ridge Nov 25
Stunning day! We played 4-person teams, two best net balls. The greens were
slightly slower than usual and the fairways left nice spongy lies. We had two groups
starting/playing different 9's at the same time and used lift-clean-place.
All Scores
Zinfandel / Merlot  116 Peter Zakel, Ronald Spanggord, Mickey Morgan, Victor Suen
Merlot / Chard  117 Perry Hovanic, Nicholas Hovanic, Cory Troxclair, Carl Umpleby
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Dec 9
It was one of the most even events ever at Fremont Park as more than half the field
finished within one stroke. A cold start gave way to a perfect afternoon. All but one
stayed for the sunny patio pizza raffle. Great way to end the 2017 Tour!
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-18 Dan Lane, Dave Lemert, Greg Burke
-17 Carl Umpleby, Mike Dooley, Frank Aguilar, Guy Moy
2018 Mar Home             
Fremont Park
An 8:30 shotgun start. Four person
team scramble. Still just $45 for golf,
pizza, and prizes.
2018 Mar Away               
Dublin Ranch
We'll start off the new year with one of the
best golf experiences around. Last year's play
was fantastic, even after earlier rains/flooding.
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Feb 10
The 2018 Tour has begun! And we couldn't have had better weather. We played the
very forgiving scramble format, had pizza and prizes. And of course, handed out certs
to the top teams and sleeves for KPs. Another year, another great start.
Full results
-18 Ron Utley, Pam Utley, Bret Owens, Ginny Lemert
-17 Robert Montoya, Frank Aguilar, Peter Zakel
Away tournament            
Wente Feb 24
FROST DELAY!!! Almost two hours. Fortunately, they let us go off as a shotgun.
Unfortunately, there was a stall at the turn after hole 18. It was really cold when the
wind picked up despite mostly sunny skies. We played two best balls for 4-person
teams. And, over half the field shot -17 or -18 under.
Full list of scores
-24  John Jarvinen, Jeff Arlie, Andy Sanchez, George Putkey
-18  Clint Anderson, Mike Wills, Dan Lane, Shawn Lane