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2017 Oct Home             
Fremont Park - Club Champ.
An 8:30 shotgun start. Stroke play for
Men/Women Net and Gross scores
Still just $45 for golf, pizza, and prizes.
2017 Sept Away               
Monterey Pines
A nice deal in a beautiful area. Just behind the
Monterey fairgounds, the coastal weather
should be a nice change from the recent heat.
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  May 13
Mano a Mano, Head to Head, One on One...May was set up to pit two teams against
each other in a scramble format. Taking into account handicaps, the best team score
at the end won a prize.  
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48 Theresa Fernandez, Danielle Fernandez, Mike Wills, Al Scott
52 Max Rodriguez, George Dwyer, Peter Zakel, Greg Burke
Away tournament            
Moffett Field May 27
Moffett continues to get better and better. The greens rolled really nice and we
played bump although not needed. Icing on the cake was the WWII planes that kept
circling overhead as people paid for short flights from the runway next door.
-24 Dave Anders, Dave Lemert, Max Rodriguez, Blind Draw
-19 Frank Aguilar, Mike Dooley, Ginny Lemert, Scott Terry
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  June 10
The scores were pretty close. We played straight up scramble, 3 drives from each
player. It had everything...great weather, wonderful people, a fine raffle, pizza, fun
scramble format, shotgun start, pitchers flowing.
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-16 John Jarvinen, Vikram Pamarthi, Rajeev Deo, Jeff Arlie
-15 Ron Utley, Pete Zakel, Jerry Moro, Pam Utley
Away tournament            
Spring Valley June 24
We just narrowly missed the 100+ temperatures but one team scoreched the field by
a minim 7 strokes. And there were a record number of skins won, 9 gross and 9 net.
It was also a little slow as we had an unusually late start time for this one.
115 R. Utley / P. Utley / R. Spanggord / W. Schuring
122 R. Tynecki / G. Sherman / D. Cruz / D. Chang
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  July 8
It was hot. Not unbearable but pretty hot without the wind. And, we had a complete
field of co-ed teams. Scores ended up very close with 2 strokes separating the top 4
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46 Pam Utley, Ron Utley, Bret Owens, Ronald Spanggord
47 George Dwyer, Max Rodriguez, Danielle Fernandez, Peter Zakel
Away tournament            
Sunnyvale Muni July 22
We played variable best-ball taking 1 score on par 5s, two on 4s, and three on par 3s.
That meant par 3s carried a lot of weight, good or bad. And four great scores on a par
5 didn't help as much. Or three scores could blow up on a par 5 and only one was
needed to save the hole.
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-29  F. Aguilar / M. Dooley / C. Serrano / F. Serrano
-22  V. Suen / P. Zakel / M. Morgan / R. Yott
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  August 11
We played a 4-person shamble with a little twist. We took 3 balls on par 3s. That can
make a huge difference on a course like ours. A close shot with a chance for a bird and
some teams went 5-6 under on a single hole.
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-26 Don Chang, Clint Anderson, Mike Wills, Al Scott
-19 John Jarvinen, Pamela Smith, Jeff Arlie, J D Smith
Away tournament            
Hiddenbrooke Aug 26
Just days after the Great North American Eclipse of 2017 people were wishing the
moon had come back for an encore. It was a day that set heat records in some areas
and was certainly hot in Vallejo. The bar started lining up ice water in anticipation of
those finishing the late day.
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-28  Max Rodriguez, George Dwyer, Theresa Fernandez, Danielle Fernandez
-26  Dusty Justice, Ken Justice, Russell Martin, Daren Vuong
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Sept 9
It was a nice day...unfortunately, the course was again scortched by the 100 degree+
temps we had over the Labor Day weekend. We played two-person scramble. Scores
were varied but top results in each group were pretty close.
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-13  Men A: Andy Wilson, Cory Troxclair    -5  Coed: Pamela Smith, J D Smith
-10  Men B: Paul Llewellyn, Pete OBrien