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Scott Terry, Gross Winner. A familiar face won with a familiar score of 67. Scott
was closely followed by Don Chang at 2 back and Howard Marks just 3 behind
and scores putting them in contention for Net.
Howard Marks, Men's Net. In what was the closest Net final we've ever had,
Howard tied George Putkey and Greg Burke to win with a net 59. All three shot
the same winning score as last year but Howard crushed the back nine and
secured the first tie breaker to be crowned champ.
Pam Smith, Women's Net. Pam repeated three strokes over Pam Utley who also
repeated in the second spot.
Bragging rights for a year! Congrats the Scott, Howard and Pam on a fine day.

As for the rest of us? Well you know how that goes. Pizza, Raffle! Goofy prize, lots
of balls, gift certificates, a salad for Grumpy...
Women Net   
62 Pamela Smith
65 Pam Utley
66 Shawn Lane
67 Aurolyn Devine
69 Fay Serrano
73 Ginny Lemert

Men Net    
59 Howard Marks        
59 George Putkey        
59 Greg Burke        
61 Don Chang        
62 Bret Owens        
63 Paul Llewellyn        
65 Victor Suen        
65 Chris Serrano        
66 Cory Troxclair        
67 Carl Umpleby        
67 Scott Terry        
67 Dan Lane        
68 Subba Kapuganti        
69 David R Lasich        
69 Dave Lemert        
69 John Jarvinen        
69 Edward Boyea Jr        
69 J D Smith        
70 Joseph Hodges        
70 Martin Josefowicz        
71 Ron Utley        
72 Peter Zakel        
73 Rob Heuser        
74 Jeff Arlie        
75 Lance Crawford        
77 Terry Gaydos        
79 William Puthoff        
80 Ron Crawford        
Results for Oct 10
Club Championship. Overcast but pleasant all day except the last hole when
the direct sun was pretty hot. We played from the blue and white tees for men,
white and red for women. We allowed for bumps to make it easier but the
course is never that easy playing your won ball all the way through. Only 7
players broke par of 64 with their handicaps - just 20% of the field!
67 Scott Terry
69 Don Chang
70 Howard Marks
73 Carl Umpleby
74 George Putkey
74 Greg Burke