The only course club in Fremont
Fremont Park, Sat. Sept. 12
Weird. That's how many might describe our September home match. The
weather was perfect, then hot, then muggy, then breezy and nice, then the
comforting bouquet of warm pizza. Weird? Earthquake weather? And what was
with the one mushroom pizza? Weird, but most of it was eaten.
Then there was the course. Those were some of the weirdest lies we've had  
in a long time, especially the long grass. The course is tough enough when it
isn't being weird. Good thing we played bump.
Finally, there was the format. That was the first time we played a Stapleford
format. We used 2 of the three person team scores per hole. Two of 3 can be
tough and the large range of scores demonstrated that. When asked about
doing it again during the raffle, most hands approved.
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All-men 3-person      
-16  D. Lasich / R. Lasich / P. Llewellyn
15  H. Marks / C. Anderson / M. Wills
8  J. Sripetch / T. Gaydos / P. Zakel
5  J. Hodges / R. Heuser / D. Lemert
6  J. Arlie / J. Jarvinen / V. Suen
Co-ed 3-person        
-21  R. Crawford / M. Morgan / D. Blind
14  R. Utley / P. Utley / M. Josefowicz
14  D. Lane / S. Lane / D. Chang
3  C. Umpleby / A. Scott / A. Stewart
2  F. Aguilar / G. Burke / G. Lemert