The only course club in Fremont
Fremont Park, Sat. March 14
What an incredible winter! We added a home event in (normally dormant)
January since the weather was so nice and 52 players showed up. Dublin
Ranch sold out and players were treated to fantastic weather. Plus Pam Utley
got a hole-in-one! Then, just two weeks later it was George Dwyer!
That's two more than all of last year! This is probably the most exclamation
points in one recap! One of the nice things about the layout of Fremont Park is
you hear about a hole-in-one pretty quickly, especially if Max is your partner.
Goodbye winter of 2015, it was a great one.
The format this time was two person scramble
with a "mulligan" per person/ per side.
And look how close the scores ended up:
7 teams within 1 stroke!
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All Men A                    
-11  Robert Tiscareno, Mike Bock
-10  Max Rodriguez, George Dwyer
-10  Greg Burke, Joe Hodges
-8  Scott Terry, Ron Crawford
-7  Martin Josefowicz,Danny Smith
-7  John Jarvinen, Jeff Arlie
-7  Martin Obrien, Robert Walsh
Co-ed Flight                     
-10  Chris Serrano, Fay Serrano
10  Pamela Smith, J D Smith
9  Derrick Hess, Andrea Stewart
9  Dan Lane, Shawn Lane
7  William Puthoff, Aurolyn Devine
6  Ron Utley, Pam Utley
5  Andy Wilson, Ginny Lemert
2  Theresa Fernandez, Danielle Fernandez
All Men B                    
-11 Bill Alexander, Paul Llewellyn
-10  Terry Gaydos, Mickey Morgan
-6  Clint Anderson, Mike Wills
-5  Charlie Labson, Dave Lemert
-4  Howard Marks, Peter Zakel
-4  Roger Lasich, Roger Lasich Jr
Acemaker George Dwyer