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Scott Terry, Gross Winner. A familiar face won at +2 gross, 4 more strokes than
he finished with last year. That made for a tight match as Derrik Hess challenged  
with a three over, 67.
Ron Utley, Men's Net. It was a really large field that needed to be split in two
Men's flights for prizes. Ron Utley rose from the ranks with a very solid Fremont
Park run finishing the day as the only net player in the 50's.
Pam Smith, Women's Net. Another tight contest with Pam edging Pam by one
stroke. It was Pam Smith who finished on top followed by Mrs. Utley who nearly
made it a family sweep of the Net divisions.
Bragging rights for a year! Congrats the Scott, Ron and Pam on a fine day.

As for the rest of us? Well you know how that goes.Pizza, Raffle! Goofy prize, lots
of balls, gift certificates, found aviator sun glasses...
Women Net   
Pamela Smith  64
Pam Utley  65
Shawn Lane  70
Ginny Lemert  74
Aurolyn Devine  74

Men A Flight Net    
Ron Utley  59
Paul Llewellyn  61
William Puthoff  61
Chris Serrano  61
Andy Wilson  62
Derrick Hess  63
John Jarvinen  64
Matthew Menzel  65
Howard C Marks  65
Greg Burke  67
Joseph Hodges  67
Scott Terry  67
Don Chang  68
Martin Josefowicz  69
Perry A Hovanic  71
Nic Hovanic  73
Mark Armstrong  76
Dan Lane  78
Charlie Labson  84
Results for Oct 10
Club Championship. Same as last year - sunny skies, slightest breeze, and we
played the course short - from the blue and white couldn't have
better conditions to score low, right? Well, it is Fremont Park. Only seven players
could net under par. The greens were punched and the course is having signs of
the drought. Everyone played their own ball.
66 Scott Terry
67 Derrick Hess
71 Matthew Menzel
72 Andy Wilson
73 Joseph Hodges

Men B Flight Net  
Terry Gaydos  62
Dave Lemert  64
Johnny-Nipon Sripetch  64
Victor Wong  65
Guy Moy  65
David R Lasich  65
Bret Owens  68
Ron Crawford  68
Lance Crawford  69
Mickey Morgan  69
Victor Suen  71
Danny Smith  73
J D Smith  74
Peter Zakel  75
Pete Obrien  76
Frank Aguilar  79
L C Thomas  82
Jeff Arlie  82
Al Scott  NC