The only course club in Fremont
Fremont Park, Sat. Sept. 13
It was a dark and dreary morning, at least it was at 4 AM. At 8:30 when we
started it was awesome. It actually got a little hot by the time we finished but
it was nice to stay at the course again and get a quick cold beverage. We
played a regular scramble.
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Don Chang
Charlie Labson
Dave Anders
Dave Lemert
Terry Gaydos

Guy Moy
Cory Troxclair
Ron Crawford
Lance Crawford

Robert Walsh        
Martin O'Brien        
Mike White        
L C Thomas   

Paul Llewellyn        
Pete O'Brien        
Frank Aguilar        
Mike Wills    
Howard Marks        
Pamela Smith        
Al Scott        
J D Smith        

Greg Burke
Ginny Lemert
Terence Munday
Kevin Blakeman

Martin Josefowicz
Ron Utley
Pam Utley
Bret Owens

John Jarvinen
Bonnie Wong
Jeff Arlie
Victor Wong

Joseph Hodges
Dan Lane
William Puthoff
Shawn Lane
Aurolyn Devine

Derrick Hess
Andrea Stewart
Jerry Moro
Victor Suen
All Guys