The only course club in Fremont
Fremont Park, Sat. Aug 23
It was a new format but the same results, fun and cheer. We played a traditional
scramble except for two thing; everyone (male and female) hit  from the same tees, we
used the red tees on front and blue tees on back. We used team handicaps, and this led
to very close scores. All but two teams were within 5 strokes for the entire field. We also
stayed at the course afterward and had pizza delivered. The course now has food and
beverage services so it was great to finish and not have to drive to the raffle. Oh yeah,
and the weather was awesome. The greens were very good and the fairways were OK
considering how late we are into the draft.
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All Men                    
43  P. Llewellyn / P. OBrien / C. Barber / J. Shomberg
45  M. OBrien / M. White / P. Headley / G. Moy
48  R. Tynecki / C. Bell / R. Harvey / D. Cruz
49  J. Jarvinen / A. Sanchez / G. Putkey / J. Arlie
Co-ed Flight A                    
45  G. Burke / D. Lemert / C. Troxclair / G. Lemert
46  M. Josefowicz / R. Utley / P. Utley / B. Owens
46  W. Puthoff / M. Wills / A. Devine / P. Zakel
49  D. Chang / D. Lane / S. Lane / L. Thomas
Co-ed Flight A                    
46  D. Morley / C. Labson / J. Morley / S. Fernandes / J. Hodges
48  H. Marks / M. Vanslyke / P. Smith / J. Smith
53  D. Hess / A. Stewart / V. Suen / R. Spanggord