The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, Sat. July 12
It was A's good A's it gets out there Saturday. Great weather, brisk play, an eA'sier
format - the traditional scramble. The greens rolled true and fA'st, the pizza wA's plentiful
and the raffle sublime. Whether you style wA's flA'shy, nA'sty, steadfA'st or pleA'sant you
will probably treA'sure this round for your own unbiA'sed reA'sons. Someone even claimed
to see an oquA'ssA's off the third tee. ClA'sic tactic attempt to decreA'se attention away
from the shot at hand...Keep it clA'ssy Fremont Park. Go A's All-StA's!
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31  D. Chang / G. Burke / G. Lemert / D. Lemert
32  S. Lane / D. Lane / M. Morgan / V. Suen
33  M. Josefowicz / P. Utley / R. Utley / C. Barber
36  W. Puthoff / P. Llewellyn / P. Obrien / A. Devine
26  M. Obrien / R. Walsh / T. Gaydos / C. Troxclair / R. Crawford
29  D. Morley / P. Headley / J. Headley / L. Thomas / P. Zakel
29  J. Hodges / P. Smith / H. Marks / J. Moro / J. Smith