The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, Sat. June 14
A really, really nice day. A different kind of scramble and more pizza at the raffle than we
could handle. Today we played a Florida Scramble. Like a regular scramble but you can't
count the person whose ball you used on the previous shot. And you needed three drives
from each player. So, a lot more strategy in the shot you took based on who could or
couldn't be taken after a put was made, or preferred chippers vs. preferred putters. There
was some grumbling about the format. In the end, the scores were pretty darn close
when adjusted for team handicaps. In fact, all but two teams finshed at 12 to 16 under.
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Dan Morley
Bill Morley
Dave Lemert
Greg Burke

John Jarvinen
George Putkey
Jeff Arlie
Bob Graves

Terry Gaydos
Mickey Morgan
L C Thomas
Peter Zakel
Co-ed 01             
Howard C Marks
Pamela Smith
Martin Vanslyke
J D Smith

Joseph Hodges
Philip Headley
Mike Wills
Jackie Headley

Derrick Hess
Martin Josefowicz
Andrea Stewart
Pam Utley
Co-Ed 02                   
Bonnie Wong
Guy Moy
Stan Chan
Victor Wong

William Puthoff
Chris Serrano
Al Scott
Aurolyn Devine

Robert Walsh
Cory Troxclair
Ginny Lemert
Ron Crawford-16

Dan Lane
Paul Llewellyn
Shawn Lane
Pete O'Brien