The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, Sat. March 8
It took us a while to play our first round at Fremont Park this year. But it was worth the
wait. From start to finish it was a stunningly nice day. We played a shamble, three drive
minimum, 4-person team. Everyone won something, on the course or in the raffle. In
fact, everyone (except one, sorry Ginny) won at the raffle. Scores really varied but there
were a few perks. Thanks to Dan Morely for some nice prizes and some cold ones on one!
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Men A               
Dan Morley
Dave Anders
Brandon Dresch
Rhett Mendel

John Jarvinen
Jeff Arlie
Robert Walsh
Martin O'Brien

Derrick Hess
Charlie Labson
Mark Armstrong
Dave Lemert

Roger Lasich
David R Lasich
Pete O'Brien
Paul Llewellyn
Men B                
Philip Headley
Mickey Morgan
Victor Suen
L C Thomas

Andy Wilson
Cory Troxclair
Ron Crawford
Paul Evans

Dan Lane
Guy Moy
Al Scott
Peter Zakel

John OShaughnessy
Draymond Burke
Terence Munday
Kevin Blakeman
Joseph Hodges
William Puthoff
Chris Serrano
Fay Serrano

Howard C Marks
Pamela Smith
Martin Vanslyke
Ronald Spanggord

Clint Anderson
Mike Wills
Frank Aguilar
Ginny Lemert

Martin Josefowicz
Bill Alexander
Ron Utley
Pam Utley