The only course club in Fremont
Who is playing Fremont Park, Mar 14?
COVID-19: Respecting members concerns about Coronavirus we are making
the following changes to this home event:

1. We will not have a gathering after the tournament, pizza/raffle.
2. A credit of $15 will be issued for future play.
3. You can opt out, please let Greg know at
4. If you are feeling under the weather, of course, please stay home. There is
no penalty for not showing up.

We will have NCGA qualifying 2-person BB and a scramble for others. We will
have KPs. Awards for each will be distributed on-site or at a later date if you
you need to leave before the scoring is done.
*** Pairings will be established at course ***
8:30 Shotgun start                          
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Ginny Lemert
Ron Utley
Pam Utley
LC Thomas (c)
Dan Lane
Ruben Smith (c)
Manish Asthana
Ron Spanggord
Chris Serrano (c)
Fay Serrano (c)
Mickey Morgan
Pete Zakel (c)
Victor Suen
Keith Whitney (c)
Brett Hawkins
Paul Llewellyn
Renee Griggs (c)
Mike Griggs (c)
Bob Graves (c)
JD Smith (c)
Pam Smith
Jorge Romero
Guy Moy
Vikram Pamarthi
NCGA Qualifiers:
Don Chang & Jerry Moro
Greg Burke & Scott Terry
Andy Wilson & Clint Anderson
John Jarvenin & Andy Sanchez
Shawn Lane & Mike Wills
Jeff Arlie (c) & George Putkey (c)

The weather has made the decision final