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Results: Wente, Feb 23
Another start to Spring and another frost delay at Wente. But
that only delayed a cold start that led into a fabulous calm,
sunny day in the Livermore Hills. It was a little challenging and
teetered a lot on how well teams played on the par 3s. We
played 4-person teams taking 2 net balls on all holes, plus an
extra ball on par threes.
Flight A          
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Joseph Hodges
Rob Heuser
Mike Wills
Clint Anderson

Dave Lemert
Pete OBrien
Vikram Pamarthi
Don Chang

Andy Sanchez
Drew Sanchez
John Jarvinen
Jeff Arlie

Nicholas Hovanic
Perry Hovanic
Brett Niles
David Names

David Cruz
Geoff Sherman
Raymon Tynecki
Winson Schuring
Russell Martin
Daren Vuong
Grant Goodman
James Gutierrez

Stephen Justice
Ken Justice
Dusty Justice
Martin OBrien

Cory Troxclair
Andy Wilson
Shawn Lane
Dan Lane

Danielle Fernandez
Theresa Fernandez
Keith Farmer
Carl Umpleby
Blind Draw
Salvador Robles
Brett Hawkins
Ginny Lemert

Pam Utley
Ron Utley
Bret Owens
Greg Burke

Victor Suen
Mickey Morgan
Robert Yott
Jerry Moro

Coyt Jackson
Jorge Romero
Ruben Smith
Blake Sanfilippo