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Results Hiddenbrooke, June 27
It was slow. Well, except for Geoff Sherman on hole number 3. He was done in a
matter of seconds. Geoff stuck his second ever hole-in-one on a warm breezy day
in Vallejo. We were able to get a really great rate for this fine course but it
reminded us why we don't play late tournaments. A late start behind slow groups
and the grill closed before many even made it in. The bar almost closed before we
could celebrate the Ace! The course was nice enough to add 12 rounds of
weekday golf to the raffle, adding to the many raffle prizes given out. We played
4-person teams using the two best balls per hole.

Co-ed Teams                          
D. Lane / S. Lane / A. Scott / D. Chang
R. Yott / B. Owens / R. Utley / P. Utley
M. Wills / F. Aguilar / G. Burke / G. Lemert
D. Fernandez / T. Fernandez / K. McCabe / N. Nohr
D. Hess / A. Stewart / R. Tiscareno / M. Bock
M. Vanslyke / C. Vanslyke / M. Morgan / V. Suen

All Men                                  
D. Justice / K. Justice / S. Justice / R. Crawford
R. Harvey / D. Cruz / R. Tynecki / G. Sherman
J. Hodges / R. Heuser / D. Anders / C. Labson
J. Jarvinen / A. Sanchez / J. Arlie / G. Putkey
Geoff Sherman - Master of
the 3rd hole at Hiddenbrooke