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Results: Monterey Getaway, Mar 28-29
Two glorious days in Monterey! First the fog gave way to shirts sleeves at Del
Monte on Saturday. Then, Monterey Pines started with clear skies and it just kept
getting better. Separate groups for each day but many stayed over for the whole
weekend! We played four person teams and counted net scores of one per odd
hole, two scores per even hole. There were enough groups to do two flights on
Saturday and one flight on Sunday.
Del Monte - All Men's A Flight                
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81  L. Crawford / R. Crawford / A. Wilson / C. Troxclair
88  R. Harvey / D. Cruz / G. Sherman / R. Tynecki
89  M. Bock / R. Tiscareno / D. Hess / D. ZBlind
92  J. Jarvinen / J. Arlie / G. Putkey / A. Sanchez
92  K. Justice / M. Wills / D. Justice / S. Justice
93  D. Lemert / C. Labson / J. Hodges / G. Burke
Del Monte - COED                 
86  F. Aguilar / G. Lemert / R. Montoya / J. Crawford
86  J. Smith / P. Smith / M. Vanslyke / C. Vanslyke
89  J. Shomberg / C. Weaver / K. McCabe / J. McCabe
92  D. Lane / S. Lane / D. Chang / D. Smith
94  M. Rodriguez / G. Dwyer / M. Morgan / A. Stewart
Monterey Pines - All Teams                 
85  J. Smith, P. Smith, D. Chang, C. Umpleby
89  L. Crawford, R. Crawford, A. Wilson, C. Troxclair
90  D. Lemert, G. Lemert, C. Labson, G. Burke
92  J. McCabe, K. McCabe, B. Alexander, M. Wills
94  R. Utley, P. Utley, M.  Vanslyke, C.  Vanslyke
94  R. Montoya, J. Crawford, F. Aguilar, M. Morgan
96  S. Justice, D. Justice, S. Lane, D. Lane