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Results: Monterey - August 9-10
We played two very different courses this weekend. First Monterey Pines. This
former military course offers holes, big spray factor and interesting choices - don't
pull out too much club when you don't have to. Not the cleanest lies but really good
greens and decent weather, just slight overcast. Many scored well here. And then
there was the newly renovated Poppy Hills great condition, beautiful setting and
fine weather. The only knock at the moment is cart paths only while the changes
settle in. Not an easy walk for some with the hills and lost ball opportunities. The
prices to stay this weekend were really high so we'll reconsider the venues/timing
for next year. Everyone seemed to have a good time and everyone won something
We played 4-person teams, two best balls, final tally for both days.
All Men                
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-25  R. Tiscareno / M. Bock / D. Hess / A. Stewart
-22  C. Serrano / F. Serrano / R. Montoya / R. Crawford
-15  J. Smith / P. Smith / C. Umpleby / R. Yott
-12  D. Lane / S. Lane / D. Chang / W. Schuring
+3  M. Vanslyke / C. Vanslyke / P. Utley / R. Utley
-27  D. Justice / K. Justice / S. Justice / M. Morgan
-23  J. Arlie / A. Sanchez / J. Jarvinen / L. Thomas
-18  D. Lemert / G. Burke / C. Labson / M. Wills