The only course club in Fremont
Results: San Juan Oaks, May 24
The fog blanketed Monterey and was creeping over the hills as we drove into San
Juan Batista. But it never arrived. The day was warm and cozy and a later tee time
made for a comfortable drive south to a really fine track in the rolling hills away
from everything. No mowers, construction, cars or planes...really peaceful. And a bit
of a challenge. When folks were asked if they'd like to come back at the raffle, it
was a resounding yes.  Great clubhouse, too. There was a wedding reception and
no interferance from ethier party. We played cha, cha, cha.
Men's A                
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Joseph Hodges
Rob Heuser
Dan Vicencio
Paul Evans

Dave Anders
Dave Lemert
Max Rodriguez
George Dwyer

Mike Bock
Robert Tiscareno
Ron Ormonde
Derrick Hess

John Jarvinen
Jeff Arlie
Mickey Morgan
L C Thomas

Cory Troxclair
Ron Crawford
Danny Smith
Al Scott

Mike White
Robert Walsh
Terry Gaydos
Johnny-Nipon Sripetc

Ken Justice
Dusty Justice
Stephen Justice
Russell Martin

Richard Harvey
Geoff Sherman
Don Chang
Jason Colvin
William Puthoff
Aurolyn Devine
Bob Graves
Blind Draw

Winson Schuring
Martin Vanslyke
Pamela Smith
J D Smith

Paul Llewellyn
Pete OBrien
Frank Sapena
Blind Draw

Mike Wills
Clint Anderson
Andrea Stewart
Drew Pomeranz

Frank Aguilar
Ginny Lemert
Fay Serrano
Chris Serrano

Carl Umpleby
Martin Josefowicz
Ron Utley
Pam Utley

Perry Hovanic
Nic Hovanic
Dan Lane
Shawn Lane