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Results: Callippe, Mar 22
What an absolutely fabulous day and a great place to try a new format. We played
4-person best ball teams. But this time we used one stroke on par 5s, two scores
on par 4s and three scores on par 3s. That was great for some teams and disaster
for others. Callippe is a tough contrast on the back from front but adding 6 scores
from those two par 3s really caught a few teams. Congrats to the low scores and
lucky raffle tickets!
Men's A                
Rob Heuser
Joseph Hodges
Dan Vicencio
Dan Lane

Jeff Arlie
John Jarvinen
Andy Sanchez
George Putkey

Frank Aguilar
Robert Montoya
Derrick Hess
Bret Sagin

Mike Wills
Clint Anderson
Greg Burke
Justin Acharya
Men's B                
Geoff Sherman
Richard Harvey
Jason Colvin
Don Chang

Nic Hovanic
Perry Hovanic
Mickey Morgan
L C Thomas

Max Rodriguez
Cory Troxclair
Ron Crawford
Paul Evans

Dusty Justice
Stephen Justice
Martin Obrien
Robert Walsh
Men's B                
Ron Utley
Pam Utley
Martin Vanslyke
Martin Josefowicz

Dave Lemert
Dave Anders
Charlie Labson
Ginny Lemert

Chris Serrano
Fay Serrano
Norman Kelly
William Puthoff
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