The only course club in Fremont
Course Photos: Feb. 7, 2006
The range has been renovated to have funner, more realistic shots. Pseudo
greens, traps and water make hitting balls a little more addicting and rhey
bounce more realistically off the the mock grass.
The course is in better shape than can be remembered in quite some time.
Fairways are in terrific shape -- yes even 2 is dramatically better. The greens
are a smooth as ever and the traps are much better than could be expected.
New paths add to a nicer look. Deeper tee boxes are returning, 6 and 8 both
have shots from 90 yards.
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Driving range "green and water"
Driving range markers
Range from front
Range from back, tees in progress
No.2 trap
No. 2 green
No 3 tee
No. 3 trap
Deeper tee box at no. 6
Club house and golf shop
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No. 2 fairway