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Away tournament            
Deep Cliff  Apr 28
What a day! What! A! Day! The Giants won (over the Dodgers!) The W's crushed the
Pels! The Sharks won in double overtime! The team of Andy/George/Jeff/Kieth shot 5
strokes under birdie golf at Deep Cliff, and that only won by 2 strokes!
Full Recap
-23 Andy Sanchez, George Putkey, Jeff Arlie, Keith Farmer
-21  Mickey Morgan, Peter Zakel, Victor Suen, Vikram Pamarthi
-17 Theresa Fernandez, Ginny Lemert, Greg Burke, Frank Aguilar
2018 Sept Home             
Fremont Park
An 8:30 shotgun start. It will be a fun
format with likely warm weather.
Still just $45 for golf, pizza, and prizes.
2018 Aug Away               
Callippe Reserve
For a pleasant time in Pleasanton on a
pleasing course populated with pleasurable
people, play the Reserve.
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  July 14
This was only the second time we tried such big groups but everyone seemed to enjoy
the heads-to-heads competition...each 4some pitted against another in match play.
Scramble, three drives each. Half the field won match prizes.
See the full recap.
Winners included: Scott, Charlie, Brett, Dave, Vik, Pam, Phil, Guy, Jorge, Mickey,
Warren, Coyt, Bill, Chris, Aurolyn and Fay
Away tournament            
Dublin Ranch Mar 24
We had some rain, wind, and cold, but overall it was a nice day. It did get windy
towards the end. And for the second year in a row, the greens were slow. Some of us
really liked the challenge of past greens while others weren't complaining.
All scores
49  Danial J. Lane / Regina Lemert
53  G. Sherman / D. Smith  also  S. Terry / D. Lemert
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Apr 14
It was a perfect day for golf, a fun scramble and a Warrior blowout win. We played full
scramble requiring three drives from each person and using the NCGA recommended
handicapping for 4-5 person teams. Scores were really close.  
Full results
-13 P. Murray, P. Llewellyn, P. Obrien, V. Suen
-13 M. Morgan, F. Aguilar, G. Lemert, G. Burke   -13 The Lanes, C. Troxclair, K. Farmer
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  May12
We played a shamble with a new wrinkle, each 4-person team had to use three of the
four scores on par threes. That really put a premium on close shots for easier holes. A
shot within a few feet could send a team 6 under on one hole.  
Full recap
-28 John Jarvinen, George Putkey, Jeff Arlie, Ronald Spanggord
-26 Vikram Pamarthi, Theresa Fernandez, Mickey Morgan,  Danielle Fernandez
Away tournament            
Sunnyvale  May 26
Did you miss the old planes flying over the South Bay on Memorial day Weekend?
Those that played our tournament sure couldn't. The landed on the other side
of the freeway and seemed to glide just above our heads.
Scores and images, click
-25 David Price, Kevin Ricketts, Carlton Bridgeforth, Salvador Robles
-23 Jeff Arlie, John Jarvinen, Andy Sanchez, George Putkey
-19 Dave Anders, Martin Josefowicz, Dave Lemert, Ginny Lemert
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  June 9
We played a three-person scramble, requiring 4 drives from each person.
The course is holding up nicely through June and greens were great. The
W's won, Justify took the Triple Crown and we had a Hole-in-One.
-22 Dusty Justice, Mickey Morgan, Ken Justice
-17 Ron Utley, Bret Owens, Pam Utley
Chris and Fay's
partner gets H-I-O
Away tournament            
Coyote Creek (Valley)  June 23
It was hot, approaching 100 degrees, and it was windy. The greens were pretty quick
and some of the pins particularly tricky. We played 4-person teams best (net) ball
keeping one score on par 5s, two on par 4s and three on par 3s.
All the scores
-13  Fay Serrano, Chris Serrano, William Puthoff, Vikram Pamarthi
-13  Keith Farmer, Andy Sanchez, Jeff Arlie, John Jarvinen
Away tournament            
Skywest  July 28
The weather was a little overcast through the front and sunny with a bit of a breeze
after. The course was generally green, even plush. Greens were true for the most
part, a little bumpy in softer areas.
See How everyone finished
-22  Dan Lane, Shawn Lane, Rajeev Deo, Vikram Pamarthi
-18  Ken Justice, Stephen Justice, Mickey Morgan, Peter Zakel
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Aug 11
What a shamble! We played a modified scramble where everyone hits off the tee,
then everyone plays thier own ball in from the best tee shot chosen. We took the two
best balls per hole and required 3 drives used by each player.
Best and others
-26 Bob Graves, Chris Serrano, Mickey Morgan, Fay Serrano
-19 Ginny Lemert, John Jarvinen, Jeff Arlie, Greg Burke