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2015 September Away              
Los Lagos
Renovations have closed down 9 holes at
Deep Cliff. So, we are back to Los Lagos. A
popular spot and probably shotgun start.
2015 September Home              
Everyone that plays will be fed
We always have a 8:30 shotgun start
which is great for everyone finishing
together. Includes golf, pizza, prizes.
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  July 11
Some people like change, for others it might get them out of their comfort zone. We
tried a little change to the red-white-blue tournament and a big majority said they liked
it. Not something we'll do often but nice to have another option at home.
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-16  Joseph Hodges, Mr. Bill Puthoff, Aurolyn Devine
-16  Greg Burke, Derrick Hess, Dave Lemert
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  April  11
The greens were great and the course is weathering the dry winter pretty well. We
had a big turnout. We played two-person teams. One net ball per hole.
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50 Chris Serrano / Fay Serrano          53 M. Morgan / V. Suen
52 Dave Lemert / Scott Terry             53 J. Jarvinen / A. Sanchez
Away tournament            
Los Lagos April 25
Finally some good rain overnight but we were still able to play. A huge group started all
at once over the entire back 9. The course was in great shape but we still played
lift-clean-place. That led to some nice two-ball net scores!
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55  D. Fernandez / L. Fernandez   58  D. Justice / S. Justice
59  K. Justice / R. Martin,   Joe Hodges/ Greg Burke
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  May 9
We played the Florida scramble, which, again confused some, and also kept the scores
from getting too low...for most..
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48 Howard Marks, Ed Boyea, Pamela Smith, J D Smith
51 John Jarvinen, Don Chang, Dan Lane, Jeff Arlie
Away tournament            
Skywest May 23
Clearly, we weren't going to have clear skies all year. Overcast eventually gave way to
sun as the first groups finished. We played team scoring with one ball on par 5s, two
balls on 4s, and three balls on 3s!
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-27 Terry Gaydos, Johnny-Nipon Sripetch, Mickey Morgan, Guy Moy
-26 Martin Josefowicz, Bret Owens, Pam Utley, Ron Utley
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  June 13
Too much pizza! Too much nice weather! Too many raffle prizes! Or was it just too few
players? Not our biggest field of the year, but the quality of player was arguably one of
the finest collections of individuals to grace Fremont Park in some time.
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44 Mickey Morgan/Peter Zakel   49 Pamela Smith/J D Smith
Away tournament            
Hiddenbrooke June 27
Are you kidding! Another ace - this time to Geoff Sherman on
hole number three into the wind. Our third hole-in-one in 2015
and the year is only half over.
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119 D. Lane / S. Lane / A. Scott / D. Chang
120 D. Justice / K. Justice / S. Justice / R. Crawford
Ace! Geoff Sherman
Away tournament            
Sunol  July 25
It was a windy day and the course played tough. A few teams played well enough but
the range was pretty big for a team event, especially for the co-ed teams. We played
4-person teams two best balls.
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91 R. Utley / P. Utley / M. Josefowicz / B. Owens
93 M. Rodriguez / G. Dwyer / R. Crawford / M. Morgan
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  August 8
Just two days after rare thunder and lightning storms we had another rarity, last place
finish overall for one usually high placing finisher. And we had very few ties for a
scramble format, this time tow-person teams.
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-11 Pamela Smith, J D Smith   -9 Joseph Hodges, Alex Ruy
-5 Roger Lasich, Roger Lasich Jr
Away tournament            
Lake Chabot  August 22
A perfect day on the Oakland hills where one direction is a great view of the Bay and
another might be a daunting look down the par 6 finishing hole. Depends on your
perspective and probably how things went to that point.
See scores.
91 R. Utley / P. Utley / M. Josefowicz / B. Owens
93 M. Rodriguez / G. Dwyer / R. Crawford / M. Morgan