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2015 Mar Away              
Monterey getaway
A lot of early interest. Priority will be
given to those that can play both
Monterey Pines and Del Monte.
Away tournament            
Monterey Aug 9-10
It was a Monterey getaway to remember, or at least to document on a site like this.
We played two very different courses. The rougher, more casual Monterey Pines and
the newly re-opened, spectacular Poppy Hills. poppy doesn't do script so it all went into
prizes. Everyone won something in placements and raffle.
Two-day scores.
-27  D. Justice / K. Justice / S. Justice / M. Morgan
-25  R. Tiscareno / M. Bock / D. Hess / A. Stewart
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Aug 23
Great day with an interesting twist on the scrample tournament. Note: we were able to
hang at the course after as pizza was brought in and beverages served.
See scores.
43  P. Llewellyn / P. OBrien / C. Barber / J. Shomberg
 G. Burke / D. Lemert / C. Troxclair / G. Lemert
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Sept 13
Back to a basic scramble. Three drives from everyone. We had 5-person and 4-person
teams. Could this be the last great summer day at home, probably not.
See scores.
-21  Don Chang, Charlie Labson, Dave Anders, Dave Lemert, Terry Gaydos
-19  Howard Marks, Pam Smith, Al Scott, J D Smith        
Away tournament            
Hiddenbrooke Sept 27
You wouldn't know there was a drought looking around this beautiful track in the
Vallejo hills. After our first strong rains a few days earlier the course was in perfect
shape, the sun shown and the birds tweeted. Some gobbled.
-30 Terry Gaydos, Johnny-Nipon Sripetch, L C Thomas, Victor Suen
-19 Shawn Lane, Dan Lane, Nic Hovanic, Perry Hovanic
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Oct 10
Another year goes by and another group of Club Champions are crown. This year some
new names and some not so new to carrying the hardware.
See all scores.
Scott Terry defended his Gross Title with a 1 stroke win.
Pam Smith took Women's Net by 1 and Ron Utley was the only net score in the 50's.
Away tournament            
Deep Cliff Oct 25
It was raining and most thought we were going to cancel....but, EVERYONE showed up
and 35 of us still decided to play! We had no rain after one or two holes. The sun came
out and we had a glorious day.
65  M. Morgan / L. Thomas / J. Sripetch / V. Suen
67  D. Lemert / G. Lemert / W. Puthoff / B. Alexander
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Nov 8
Two person teams, match play, three drives minimum each player. A few teams finished
ealry but most went to the end with one team tying. The weather was absolutely
perfect and we had a pretty good turnout.
See all scores.
Away tournament            
Poppy Ridge Nov 29
Again, we had threat of storms but everyone showed and we ended up with a really
fine day. The course drained nicely, there was no wind and you could lift clean and
place. We had a huge field and split co-ed / all-men to start on separate nines.
80  J D Smith / Pamela Smith / Ken Justice / Dusty Justice
65  Peter Zakel / L C Thomas / Victor Suen / Robert Yott
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Dec 13
We played a scramble two days after the biggest storm in years for a 24-hour period.
Arguably one of the best tournaments ever, weather was great, the greens were nice,
and thanks to the course for allowing carts. Got it in just before more rain.
See scores.
2015 Mar home              
Can we call this winter golf?
Enter early if you want a cart, these home
events are filling up fast with such nice
weather. Price includes golf, pizza, prizes.
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Jan 13
Another scramble during a dry january and one of the nicest days in a long time. An
that drove a very large turnout. It was Dan's last tournament with us before he goes
to North Carolina to continue his career running courses.
See scores.
-17 Martin Josefowicz, Ron Utley, Pam Utley, Bret Owens
-13 Charlie Labson, Dave Anders, Dave Lemert, Michael Anders
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Feb 14
Max Lasich hit it within an inch at #8 but that wasn't enough for their team to place.
Gotta count all eighteen! It was identical 109s that won each flight. Both teams
winning by five on this incredibly beautiful Valentine's day.
 See scores.
-17  R. Tiscareno / M. Bock / D. Hess / C. Umpleby
-13  B. Owens / M. Josefowicz / P. Utley / R. Utley