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Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Oct 12
Sunny skies, slightest breeze, shortened course (blues/Whites) couldn't have
better conditions to score low, right? Well, it is Fremont Park. But a few score well
enough to be crowned champs:
Sir Scott Terrance took gross honors (yes, we all let
him win again) with a fine 1 under par.
Shawn Lane won women's net with a 64 and
Greg Burke netted a 54 Men's score. For Blind Draw results, click here.
Home tournament            
Fremont Park   Sep 14
It was a full-field blind-draw. No one knew their partners until Saturday morning. But
that didn't keep any of the teams from competing in a pure scramble.
46 Frank Aguilar, Ed Davenport, Jeff Arlie, Aurolyn Devine
48 Don Chang, Cory Troxclair, David R Lasich, Terry Gaydos
Away tournament            
Hiddenbrooke Sept 28
It was a fantastic day, another sell-out. But enough pleasantries, a -35 won the men's
group!!! Nine better than any other group.
Success explained here.
-35  Terry Gaydos, Russell Martin, James Gutierrez, Johnny-Nipon Sripetch
-26  Martin Josefowicz, Ron Utely, Pam Utely, Marty Vanslyke
Away tournament            
Moffet Field Oct 26
Morning near one of the largest free standing structures in the world was
awe-inspiring. Golf wasn't always. But some did well.
See all scores.
-11  K. Blakeman / T. Munday
-10  M. Josefowicz / C. Umpleby
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Nov 9
We played a Florida Scramble. A scramble where the player whose ball was last chosen
could not count in the next hit. Some liked it, some not so much.
 click here.
-16  Dave Anders, Howard C Marks, Marty Vanslyke, J D Smith
-15  Derrick Hess, Ron Ormonde, Bret Sagin, Andrea Stewart
Away tournament            
Poppy Ridge Nov 29
Global warming! What else can explain the incredible weather we've had this year.
Late season sun washed over the beautiful rolling Livermore hills.
See all scores.
-31  D.Anders/D.Lemert/R.Heuser/J.Hodges
-27  C.Troxclair/R.Crawford /V.Suen/R.Spanggord
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Dec 14
Frost delay and frosty reception to the alternate ball format. But some did well, the
weather was great, and all but one (sorry Andre) won a raffle prize. Happy holidays
and New Year!
All scores.
62  Carl Umpleby, Andrea Stewart
64  Frank Aguilar, Mike Wills
April away             
Los Lagos
Sold out. 8:10 AM shotgun start - everyone
at the same time from different holes
. So
everyone finishes at about the same time.
May home            
Fremont Park
Is it going on May already?!? Another
chance at many KPs or raffle prizes.
Price includes 18 holes, pizza and prizes.
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Feb 8  - Rained Out
Away tournament            
Dublin Ranch Feb 22
1-2-3 Cha-cha-cha 1-2-3 cha-cha-cha. Get your good team scores at the right time for a
smooth dance around the course in this format.
See all scores.
-24  R. Utley / C. Umpleby / M. Josefowicz / L. Thomas
-19  J. Smith / P. Smith / M. Vanslyke / G. Moy
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  March 8
It took us a while to play our first round at Fremont Park this year. But it was worth the
wait. Stunningly weather and nice prizes as Dan Morely chipped in - Thanks!
All scores.
-17  Joseph Hodges,William Puthoff, Chris Serrano, Fay Serrano
-13  Dan Morley, Dave Anders, Brandon Dresch, Rhett Mendel
Away tournament            
Callippe Mar 22
A sell out and a great day. We played 4person teams and scored one ball on 5s, two
on 4s and three balls on par 3s.
See all scores.
-22  Rob Heuser / Joseph Hodges / Dan Vicencio / Dan Lane
-22  Geoff Sherman / Richard Harvey / Jason Colvin / Don Chang
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  April 12
Two tournaments in one. The usual Fremont Park fare with a large field played as teo
person team. And those qualified for NCGA events played round one!
All scores.
-14  M. Wills / C. Anderson   -13  J. Smith / P. Smith
-11  Gaydos / Sripetch,  Aguilar / Montoya, Ormonde / Ormonde, Morgan / Suen