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Away tournament            
Skywest  July 28
The weather was a little overcast through the front and sunny with a bit of a breeze
after. The course was generally green, even plush. Greens were true for the most
part, a little bumpy in softer areas.
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-22  Dan Lane, Shawn Lane, Rajeev Deo, Vikram Pamarthi
-18  Ken Justice, Stephen Justice, Mickey Morgan, Peter Zakel
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Aug 11
What a shamble! We played a modified scramble where everyone hits off the tee,
then everyone plays thier own ball in from the best tee shot chosen. We took the two
best balls per hole and required 3 drives used by each player.
Best and others
-26 Bob Graves, Chris Serrano, Mickey Morgan, Fay Serrano
-19 Ginny Lemert, John Jarvinen, Jeff Arlie, Greg Burke
Away tournament            
Callippe  Aug 25
One team was 9 under after eight holes but only managed 4 more the rest of the way.
Some did great on the difficult back nine while others simply enjoyed the great
weather, fine conditions and prospects for a successful raffle.
Full Recap
-25  Russell Martin, Grant Goodman, Jorge Visitacion, Clay Fourtch
-25  Peter Zakel, Mickey Morgan, Victor Suen, Robert Yott
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Sept 9
We played a two person scramble, requiring 5 drives from each player. As an added
wrinkle for Sept. 8th, 2018 we gave each player a mulligan on holes 8 and 18. Scores
were incredibly close with almost all the scores were within 5 strokes.
52  Andy Wilson/Cory Troxclair
53  Dusty Justice/Ken Justice   54  Dan Lane/Shawn Lane
Away tournament            
Los Lagos  Sept 22
Will this season of great golf, fine weather and raffles never end? Technically, sure in
two months, but let us not forget this great day. It wasn't a big group this time but 24
of us will always have Los Lagos in the summer of 2018.
All Scores
-31  Dusty Justice, Stephen Justice, Danielle Fernandez, Pete OBrien
-24  Perry Hovanic, Nicholas Hovanic, Keith Farmer, Robert Walsh
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Oct 13
Scott Terry ended Phil Murray's long time reign with a stunning 64 that won the gross
score 2018 Club Championship by 7 strokes.
Pam Utley won the women's net by 6
strokes and
Chris Serrano took the large overall Net Men's field by 4. All Scores.
52  Andy Wilson/Cory Troxclair
53  Dusty Justice/Ken Justice   54  Dan Lane/Shawn Lane
Away tournament            
Monterey Pines  Oct 27
Another fabulous day in Monterey. It started with fog so thick you couldn't see the first
hole. But the sun broke through after the second hole and it was light sleeves with
little breeze. We played two best net balls per hole.
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-17 Cory Troxclair, Andy Wilson, Frank Aguilar, Greg Burke
-10 Lionel Fernandez Jr, Theresa Fernandez, Danielle Fernandez
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Nov 10
There was a somewhat gloomy cast of smoke in the sky as the Camp fire drifted our
way. And it was really chilly to start the day. But everyone showed for a fun format.
We played two-person team scramble with each team playing a match play game
against their playing partners. Two drives per nine were required from each player.
Matches were very tight with all of them going to at least 16 holes.
See all 12 winners.
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Away tournament            
Poppy Ridge  Nov 24
We just missed the heavy rains and had a pretty decent day. Results
-17 Jeff Arlie, John Jarvinen, George Putkey, Jerry Moro
-10 Pam Utley, Ron Utley, Stephen Justice, Dusty Justice
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Dec 8
What a finish to the year! Stunningly sharp shadows on a crisp December morning.
And, incredibly close score with over half the teams finishing within one stroke. We
played a pure scramble, with four drives required on 3-person teams and three
required on 4-person teams. Best of all - everyone won something in the raffle!

Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year!
Full list of celebrators
51 Clint Anderson, Dan Lane, Shawn Lane, Mike Wills
51 John Jarvinen, Jeff Arlie, Dave Lemert
2019 Schedule              
Next tournament: Feb 9, home.
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Happy New Year!